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Thank you for deciding to apply to our 300hr Training. Below you will find some questions that will help us get to know you.

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Student Agreement

Thank you for your commitment to your practice, your teaching and your continued study. It is our intention to create the best possible environment for each participant to thrive, feel supported and get the most out of our time together.

  1. Punctuality: Yogamaya has a firm "be on time" policy for all sessions. Late entry to training sessions will not be permitted except in special emergency cases.
  2. Homework: Complete all assignments in a timely manner.
  3. Preparedness: Show up prepared and ready to contribute to the group experience.
  4. Attendance: Attendance is required for all scheduled hours in order to maintain enrollment in our Training Program and receive a certification. Any hours that you know you must miss prior to submitting your application must be disclosed in your application to be considered for pre-approval. Missed hours/days due to unforeseen emergencies may be able to be made up, subject to certain requirements. We handle these requests on an individual basis. Due to the nature of the training, even in the case of unforeseen emergencies, multiple absences and missed homework will result in an automatic, voluntary withdrawal from the training without any refund.
  5. Missed hours: There are no refunds for missed training sessions. If it is agreed that you will make up the hours you missed due to a pre-approved reason or unexpected emergency, you will be responsible to make up the time at your own expense. Private sessions start at $175/hr for one on one sessions and are about 90min per missed topic depending on the length of the session missed and the subject covered. The number of hours to be made up and the appropriate teacher is determined by the lead teachers. Makeup sessions must be made up prior to the next training session and homework completed on time.
  6. The following will be considered your automatic voluntary withdrawal:
    • a) Missing any scheduled session without prior approval before the session start time
    • b) More than one missed weekend of the training (or missing more than 2.5 days of training in total)
    • c) Inability to makeup the training hours within the stated time frame
    • d) Inability to complete the homework within the stated time frame
  7. Classroom Etiquette:
    • a) No cell phone usage in the practice room or during session times.
    • b) No eating in the practice rooms or on camera during Zoom calls (turn video off).
    • c) No laying down during sessions.
    • d) Always show respect to fellow students and presenters at all times: no gossip, no excessive talking, no interrupting the teacher or each other, and no negative or aggressive commentary in the Zoom chat.
    • There is a level of appropriate behavior that is essential and expected to maintain a sacred learning environment during our Yoga Training. In the event that there is any student whose behavior has a negative impact on the group, we will attempt to work with that student to improve the situation, but ultimately reserve the right to refuse them continuation in the program at any time. Additionally, please note that Yogamaya observes a strict zero-tolerance policy for harassment, intimidation, and hostile or offensive treatment of our students, teachers, and staff.
    • In the event that a student voluntarily withdraws or is refused continuation of the program for any reason, there will be no refunds made and the individual will be charged the balance of their payment plan upon withdrawal/unenrollment.
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Tuition Contract

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This contract outlines the terms and agreements of payment for the upcoming Teacher Training. By clicking YES and/or submitting this application or any payment, you agree to the terms and conditions articulated in the online Student Agreement and the following:

  • 1. You may receive a refund minus $500 if you withdraw 5 weeks before the start date. After that time there are no-refunds and you will be responsible for the full training cost. If there is any reason you cannot complete the training, you will be charged the balance of your payment plan upon notification of your withdrawal.
  • 2. Upon full payment and completion of all training requirements, you will receive a Graduation Certificate that allows you to register as a 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. You will not be able to register with the Yoga Alliance until all obligations have been met.
  • 3. If we deny your application we will refund all of your money.
  • 4. You understand that in the case there are Covid restrictions or other unforeseen issues that make meeting in person unsafe, the training will shift to online. In the case of shifting to online, there will be no change in the training schedule, no change in the training cost, no refunds, and no transferring to a different training. All contracts, agreements and tuition payments will continue unchanged.
  • Please note: If you saved your spot with a deposit, we automatically charge your card the monthly payments. By clicking the box below and making your deposit, you agree to being charged the payment plan (or full balance upon withdrawal) unless we have received and acknowledged with response to your withdrawal in writing via email to bryn@yogamaya.com from the program a full 5 weeks before the start date of the training.
  • Please note: Payment Plans are charged as outlined in the program description. If you make your deposit in the same month the training commences, the deposit will be charged as well as the 1st month of the payment plan. EX: if the training start date is Oct 13th, the first payment plan will be charged on Oct 1st or the day in October when you make your deposit.
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