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Yogamaya’s teacher training is the fertile ground for so many yogis, students, teachers in the city and beyond. The benefits from completing our training are far beyond becoming a yoga teacher, it’s a confidence booster, a discovery of the self, a new appreciation for your being, and a new way to approach limitations.

Words from Our

Anna Greenberg Portrait

Yogamaya is magic. Being there helped me tap into my own magic & thread it through my teaching to 1000's of Yogis around the world.

Yogamaya's training, teachers, & community are the foundation for everything that's come since.”

Anna Greenberg

Yoga Instructor
at Peloton

Patrick Franco Portrait

Everything I've done in yoga, personally and professionally, was a seed that started at Yogamaya.

Looking back, I realize how rich & powerful my time at Yogamaya was, and it gave me a lifetime of purpose to draw from. ”

Patrick Franco

Head Teacher
YogaRenew Teacher Training

Deborah Bagg Portrait

Yogamaya is a special place. It feels like a place of offering, an open palm.

It is a sacred place of learning that continues to expand and nurture my life and provided me with a space to grow and develop as the teacher I am today.”

Deborah Bagg

Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Katie Facada Portrait

My training at Yogamaya gave me skills I use every day in my teaching: the ability to confidently speak about the body and at the same time, approach it with utmost curiosity.”

Katie Facada

Teacher @theclass

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