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6/29/24 - 7/20/24
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
$375 / $650

Reiki Training

Get initiated into Reiki Healing. Open to everyone.

Reiki is a healing therapy that promotes vitality and harmony – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reiki creates a profound sense of wellbeing by gently encouraging the body’s own innate capacity to release tension, experience relaxation, feel centered, and find natural alignment.

Non-invasive and suitable for everyone, Reiki can reduce pain, anxiety, and depression, aid sleep, improve digestion, respiration and circulation, alleviate symptoms of acute and chronic conditions, and enhance self-awareness. Reiki is simple to learn and can be used in conjunction with other modalities such as restorative yoga, aromatherapy, and sound therapy.

First degree Reiki training is for those who wish to learn how to practice Reiki for themselves and others. This training includes Reiki attunement, discourse on philosophical and historical background, mindfulness exercises, clear instruction on practice, and guidance on how to work with this subtle and profound Universal Life Force healing energy.

The second degree of Reiki training introduces three sacred symbols that practitioners learn to draw and visualize. These ancient symbols, passed down through Reiki lineages, are believed to enhance and focus the flow of healing energy during treatments. In a Reiki II attunement, the student receives the ability to channel Reiki through the newly learned symbols. With diligent practice using the symbols, Reiki II practitioners can channel increased Universal Energy during hands-on and distant sessions to promote deep healing, balance and well-being.

You may register for just Reiki I or both Reiki I and II.
Reiki Level I is Saturday, June 29th, 2-8pm
Reiki Level II is Saturday July 20th, 2-8pm
Level I: $375
Level I & II: $650

*To take Reiki II you must take Reiki I.

**If you already have your first Reiki degree and would like to join us for the second degree, email before booking.

***Due to limited class size there are no refunds, cancelations, or transfers after June 1st.

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7/11/24 - 7/25/24
7:15 pm - 8:30 pm
$37 / $88

Handstand Club!

W. Amanda McDonald More Info

Are you inversion curious?

Handstand Club is for regular yoga practitioners who want to play with a more concentrated handstand practice.

Drills for strength, mobility, and balance.

You should be comfortable in our Level 2 classes and have a general sense that you want to handstand. Any level welcome- from wanna-be-handstanders to people who want to play with pressing.

Summer Series:
3-Thursdays from 7:15-8:30pm:
July 11, 18, 25

Can be purchased as a Series ($88) or Drop-ins ($37) as space permits. (25% off for Monthly Memberships – see below)
**Space is Limited to 25 students**
Full Course
July 11 Only
July 18 Only
July 25 Only

No Refunds 7-days in advance of the 1st workshop for series purchases and drop-in dates.

Monthly Members (Promo Monthly and Monthly Membership only) get an automatic 25% discount to the Series and Drop-Ins when booking while logged in. *you must be logged into the app or to the online to receive the automatic discount*.