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300HR Trainings

Yogamaya’s 300hr Teacher Training is about growth – self-growth, knowledge growth, and finally, growth as a teacher. Embarking on the next-level of learning will help you become effective, confident, and open-minded teachers for both groups and individuals.

Our 300hr is modular, and each module will require varying degrees of outside reading and homework. Outside work will not be overwhelming, but will count towards your requirements for graduation. See the listed Modules below (we have Four Total)

Four Yogamaya Modules + one elective with a South Asian teacher (of your choice) need to be completed to earn your 500hr with Yogamaya. Upon completion, you will be able to register as a 500-hr RYT with Yoga Alliance.
Note: Modules may change from year to year and you can start with any Module. We do recommend completing your 300hr with us in a one year period.

Please see our 300hr FAQs

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300HR Trainings


Bryn Chrisman Portrait

Bryn Chrisman

After over two decades of teaching, and still loving it, my goal is to support teachers in their development from new teachers into excellent teachers. I will give you something concrete to lean into, and help you develop your muscle for "nuance" and texture in your teaching.

Danielle Harbord Portrait

Danielle Harbord

I aim to bring my years of experience, as both a student and teacher, to teachers looking to grow, find new places of inquiry, and be inspired.

Amanda McDonald Portrait

Amanda McDonald

I love to teach teachers to empower their students. My focus is on helping you enhance your teachings into something your students can take with them into life.

Lindsey Rozmes Portrait

Lindsey Rozmes

I’m Lindsey — truth seeker, balance tipper, believer in the dig for the authentic self. I delight in the practices of wellness.

My goal is to give teachers a variety of practical techniques they can use to teach yoga, understand the lens of Ayurveda, and up-level their participation in their own overall well being.

Ultimately, my role as your teacher is to create a loving, safe container for you to heal, to learn, to evolve.

Gina Benson Portrait

Gina Benson

It was not until I discovered the ancient Vedic practices of Yoga and Ayurveda that I felt a profound illumination of my inner being.

These timeless sciences transformed my life, so I made it my mission to share this wealth of knowledge with anyone open to listening in hope of offering the same healing.

I aim to educate on these ancient sciences and sharpen your teaching techniques to better serve the yoga community.

Jules Mitchell Portrait

Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell leads advanced continuing education programs in biomechanics for intellectually fearless yoga teachers. She helps them integrate principles of exercise science and applications of pain science into their classes.

Jules is the author of Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, a unique, evidence-based exploration into the complexities of tissue mechanics and the human body’s resilience and adaptability.

Her passion is bringing the most useful and applicable research-based concepts into the yoga community, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of popular opinions. Visit her at julesmitchell.com.

Prof. Edwin Bryant Portrait

Prof. Edwin Bryant

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