Small Group Mentorship


Geared towards new / new-ish teachers who want expert guidance in structuring classes and who would like to receive specific and insightful feedback from your teaching to help advance your teaching skills. For newer teachers looking to pursue teaching after 200hr Graduation, Yogamaya’s small group mentoring will provide you the support and confidence to step into the world of teaching.

Groups of 2-4 students will join a small group with a mentor at a set time each week. Each person in the small group will teach one 60min class and attend all of the other classes of their small group cohort. The mentor will attend all classes and provide detailed feedback after the classes and all members of the cohort will be part of the detailed feedback and benefit from hearing it.

It will be a requirement to attend all of the classes for your cohort.

The intention of the Small Group Mentorship is to give you a chance to teach a full class in a supportive environment and get very detailed feedback from an experienced mentor, and participate in the feedback of your cohort to learn and grow from each other.

These are the dates and times we can schedule small group mentors:
Wednesdays 8-9:45pm
Thursdays 2:30-4:15pm
Thursdays 7:15-9pm

Other Notes:
* Classes will be one hour, feedback around 30-45min, so plan about two hrs for each session
* The Small Group Mentoring last 2-4 weeks total, depending on group size
* You will try to recruit people in your own community to attend your classes and your cohorts classes. Its always better when there are more people and unfamiliar people there.

Pricing: $150/student Yogamaya Grads, $165 other 200hr Grads
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For questions or more info, write us HERE or APPLY NOW.