Teacher Bootcamp


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This 4-day Yoga Bootcamp is a continuing education program for those of you who already graduated from any 200hr Teacher Training and want to (or need to) up-level your teaching techniques.

Monday, October 17th – Thursday, October 20th w/ Yogamaya Studio Owner Bryn Chrisman
9:30am – 12:15pm
1:30pm – 4:30pm

$777 before Sept 17th
$888 after Sept 17th

Did you do an online 200hr and never actually practice teaching? Did your 200hr not include any practical teaching technique education? Did you graduate from a 200hr pre-pandemic and got derailed from teaching? Did you just never really start teaching after you completed your 200hr and need to re-set?

This Teacher Bootcamp is designed to up-level your actual teaching skills in a supportive environment (not a public class) where you have space to be messy and ample opportunity to clean up.

We will lay out what strong teaching looks like and hone in on specific teaching techniques like:
– Pacing your class
– Clear instruction
– Poetic instruction
– Seeing Bodies & shaping your language/cueing around what you are actually seeing
– Strong Demonstrations
– Editing out instruction
– and more…

What to expect:
– Expect to gain more confidence and poise as a teacher
– Expect to meet fellow teachers and be part of a supportive environment
– Expect to be doing a lot of practice teaching
– Expect to be doing a lot of yoga while your fellow teachers’ practice teach on you
– Yogamaya’s printed guide to stellar teaching
– Unlimited classes at Yogamaya from October 16th – October 22nd
– A 5-class card to be used within 1 month of the training
– Kind, supportive and straightforward feedback from Bryn throughout the week

What we expect from you:
– For you to be super present and engaged when teaching and being the student
– To learn how to offer supportive and helpful feedback, and learn when not to

(no need to apply, just click here to register)


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