Ayurveda & Asana, Yoga Nidra


Are you ready to heighten your awareness?

Carve out 3 weekends in the depth of winter and learn to “read the room” with greater sensitivity and purpose. Anchor into the deep roots of Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra and learn to apply an appropriate sequence, class, or Yoga Nidra script for your students according to your informed observation.

Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life” and is the sister science of yoga that helps us strike a balance between the individual and the environment. Ayurveda is fertile ground to deepen your understanding of the physical and more subtle systems of the body to become more sensitive and attuned to teaching groups and individuals through the Ayurvedic Lens.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of deep relaxation that quiets the surface layers of our consciousness and carries us to the depths of our subconscious.

Focus of Study

SUBTLE BODY ANATOMY: In-depth exploration of the Dhatus (the seven tissues of the body), Dosas (governing principles of the body/universe), Nadis (subtle energetic channels), the Srotas (the physiological channels), and the Pancha Vauys (the five inner winds)

THE ORIGIN OF EXISTENCE: Understand the relationship between Purusha, Prakriti, the Self, and the Gunas from the perspective of consciousness

SEQUENCING: Learn how to teach and sequence classes based on Dosas, and your informed observation of the environment, the room, and your students

YOGA NIDRA: Learn the fundamentals and methodology to practice Yoga Nidra and guide others into a deep state of relaxation

Your Guides

Gina Benson, Lindsey Rozmes, Danielle Harbord

Schedule 2025

JAN 18-19
JAN 25-26
FEB 1-2

Saturdays: 2pm-8:30pm
Sundays: 12:30pm-6:30pm

*Please note: This training will be done in-studio/in-person. However, it is possible to join this training remotely through a live-stream. In the case there are Covid restrictions or other unforeseen concerns, the in-person portion of this training will shift to online. In the case of shifting to online, there will be is no change in the training schedule, no change in the training cost, no refunds, and no transferring to a different training. All contracts, agreements and tuition payments will continue unchanged.

*Please note: Space is limited in our yoga teacher training. An application is only needed one time for any of our 300hr Modules. Payment is due directly after application or to register. Please do not apply unless you are committed to doing this training and ready to make your payment upon application submission. As outlined in the student and tuition agreement, there will be no refunds, no training transfers, or other options.

Tuition Module 2 Only:

$1080 – Paid in Full by Dec 1, 2024
$1399 – Paid in Full after Dec 1, 2024

*There will be assigned group/individual work outside of scheduled session times.

Is This Training for You?
This Module is open to anybody who has done a 200hr Training, or deeply interested in the subject of Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra, and love to learn. This module will include how to apply Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra to teaching yoga.

Upon completion of four equivalent Modules, you will be able to register as a 500-hr RYT with Yoga Alliance through Yogamaya.

Module Two Course includes:
* All scheduled sessions of the 3-weekends
* A manual for the training
* Unlimited classes for the duration of the training (Jan 18-Feb 2 2025)
* One weekly group mentor session with Gina, Lindsey, and Danielle

Note: for the opportunity to teach a full class and receive feedback, please join one of our Mentorships that counts towards your 300hr.

Build up the teacher within.

For any questions, please email: Bryn


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